Installation Process


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Our estimators will contact you directly via email or phone once you’ve requested a roofing bid. Estimators typically perform roof inspections Monday through Thursday, between 9 am and 2 pm. Our experienced estimators will draw up a detailed roofing bid for your review. You can be present or not – our aim is to provide an accurate estimate in a timely manner.

Review and Sign Agreement

We’re more than happy to address any questions regarding your project and our estimate. Upon agreement, we require a signed proposal before scheduling your project. We accept signed proposals via email and standard mail.

Choose a Roofing Product and Color

We recommend customers visit CB Wholesale, located at 1991 Division Street in Bellingham. They have large samples of each brand and color displayed in their showroom.

Project Preparation

Here is a list of things we encourage homeowners / renters to address prior to reroofing.

  • Where possible, please remove items from patios and under eaves (such as BBQ , lawn ornaments, etc.).
  • We require driveway access to stage the roofing of your home.  Please keep it clear of vehicles during the roofing process whenever possible.
  • Inside your home we ask (within reason) that breakables be removed from walls due to vibrations that can be caused during the roofing process (wall-hangings; plates, pictures, etc.).
  • If your roof has skylights, please note that they will be removed for proper flashing details.  Do not to leave breakables or that precious grand piano under the skylight units if possible.  We recommend laying down an old blanket under skylights during the roof project.

    Additional details to consider

    • CHIMNEY’s are often neglected on a home.  Re-roofing a house will often reveal that chimneys need re-pointing and new embedded counter flashings installed.  All chimney repairs should be done by a qualified 3rd party to prevent leak issues.
    • SIDING areas that touch roofing (we call them roof to wall) need to be addressed on most roofing projects. We need to properly install flashings at the transition between the roof and the wall, which usually requires us to remove the bottom board of siding.  All siding repairs should be done by a qualified 3rd party to prevent leaking.
    • GUTTERS should be assessed after re-roofing as some cosmetic damage can occur. We recommend having a qualified 3rd party gutter installer assess the integrity of existing gutters to determine whether replacement or repairs are necessary.

      What to Expect During the Project

      • Expect the roofing crew and materials to show up between 7:30 and 10am the day of the job, weather pending of course.
      • Expect our crew to be polite and professional.
      • If you stay home throughout the project there will be noise and disruptions which can’t be avoided on a construction project.  We like to think that getting the roof done is a good chance to catch up on errands around town.
      • Expect safety – we follow strict Labor & Industry procedures.   Our employees tie off and add permanent roofing anchors on all roofing jobs.
      • Clean-up – we do a thorough clean-up of roofing debris and nails.   A walk-around is performed after each roofing job.
      • We come prepared with tarps should the weather turn rainy during the project.

      Warranty and Invoicing

      INVOICING – when your new roof is complete, an invoice will be sent by email,  unless other arrangements have been specified by the homeowner.